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Glastonbury is a sprawling town nestled within the coastal plains of Somerset. Once considered a significant religious site, the town remains a picturesque portrayal of medieval England. From its numerous age-old buildings to its exciting Arthurian legends, this hamlet from the southwest has plenty of character. Once you spend your holidays on the ancient streets of Glastonbury, you’ll want to come back again and again!

Glastonbury Hot Tub Breaks: Holiday Cottages & Luxury Lodges

Glastonbury has always been a centre for pilgrimages. As the town itself evolved, these spiritual journeys transformed into fun-filled holidays. No matter the purpose, Glastonbury warmly welcomes all visitors within its historical walls and cosy abodes. For your next stay in Glastonbury, find your rural retreat from these luxurious cottages and lodges located right at the heart of Somerset!

  • The Quackery
    The Quackery
    Langport, Somerset
    Sleeps 11 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 3

    Pet-friendly holiday home and annexe set within idyllic countryside. Extensive grounds covering veranda, patio, and private lake. Extras include pizza oven, trampoline, and horse riding lessons.

  • Heron Lodge Castle Farm
    Heron Lodge Castle Farm
    Wedmore, Somerset
    Sleeps 6 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2

    Luxurious minimalist lodge perfect for weekend getaways. Living room with bi-folding doors and corner view of the country. Property serves as home to alpacas and miniature horses.

  • Beulah
    Axbridge, Somerset
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

    Luxury glamping pod with shared stone-built BBQ. Pet-friendly and horse-friendly. Less than a mile away from the nearest shop.

  • Thornhills Lodge
    Thornhills Lodge
    Othery near Middlezoy, Somerset
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

    Barn-styled holiday home featuring farmland glimpses. Secluded decked patio for romantic moments. Ample garden space for outdoor activities.

  • Shepherd's Lodge
    Shepherd’s Lodge
    Moorlinch, Somerset
    Sleeps 5 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2

    Secluded wooden lodge located within village of Moorlinch. Decked patio with lounge area and charcoal BBQ. Walking distance to family-friendly pub.

  • The Charm Inn
    The Charm Inn
    Norton Radstock, Somerset
    Sleeps 4 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

    Subterranean studio fit for couples on rural retreats. Gravelled patio area with outdoor seating. Located on private farm with wonderful view of the skies at night.

  • House in Somerset
    House in Somerset
    Glastonbury, Somerset
    Sleeps 11 Bedrooms 6 Bathrooms 3

    Classic English home fitting for large groups. Property set within exclusive neighbourhood of Meare. Spacious garden for well-behaved pets.

  • The Dutch Barn
    The Dutch Barn
    Langport, Somerset
    Sleeps 10 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 3

    Contemporary five-bedroom dwelling. Features pool table and fenced lawn area. Close to Langport’s shops and pubs.

  • Bracken
    Compton Dundon, Somerset
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 2

    Charming barn conversion located three miles away from Somerton. Landscaped garden perfect for pets and games. Secluded property with woodland views.


About Glastonbury & The Area

Glastonbury is a town and religious site located on a dry point among the wetlands of the Somerset Levels. Surrounded by far-reaching views of Mendip Hills, the town is carved by the River Brue which runs to the nearby village of Street. During the winter, the moors around Glastonbury become flooded, giving the impression of the town being an island.

Aside from its medieval buildings, Glastonbury is also famous for its myths and legends. Among those stories include Joseph of Arimathea and King Arthur. Although the Arthurian legends’ origins are highly speculated, their influence on Glastonbury’s culture is undeniable. In fact, many of King Arthur’s stories have become intertwined with local history.

For instance, the foggy mirage covering the town is commonly referred to as the “Fata Morgana” coming from the character, “Morgan le Fay,” who was King Arthur’s powerful antagonist. Another story claims that River Brue was once a lake and considered the home of the “Lady of the Lake.” And at the western end of Brue, where Pomparles Bridge now stands, is said to be the spot where Sir Bedivere threw Excalibur after King Arthur’s demise.

Whether the legends of King Arthur are true or not, it does add a mystical air to Glastonbury’s rich history. The stories are still celebrated today and have even become world-famous with countless adaptations.

Present-day Glastonbury is covered in curiosity and mystery, drawing visitors from England and the world. From its ancient yet captivating sites to its rustic style of living, Glastonbury is truly a place to visit when in Somerset!

Things To Do On Your Glastonbury Hot Tub Break

Anyone who loves history will quickly fall in love with the medieval town of Glastonbury. Despite existing in the 21st century, the town still carries most of its original exteriors from centuries past. If you explore the outskirts, you’ll also find plenty of trails that will you take on an exciting adventure to its impressive tor. But with so many iconic sites within Glastonbury, how do you even start your tour? Thankfully, you’ll have this nifty list to guide you across the town’s many relics:

Hike up the nearby hill and visit Glastonbury Tor.

When in Glastonbury, it’s impossible to miss Glastonbury Tor. It’s the highest sandstone hill in town decorated by St. Michael’s Tower on its peak. Around the hill are manmade steps and terraces leading up to the 14th-century tower. According to locals, the tower was once part of a medieval church that was torn down. Tourists are free to hike up to its summit and enjoy a bird’s eye view of Glastonbury!

Admire the red waters of the ancient Chalice Well.

Chalice Well is a famous spring found at the foot of Glastonbury Tor. It’s best known for its reddish waters because of the ground’s natural iron oxide deposits. However, during medieval times, the site was considered a spiritual place with healing properties. Located only several minutes away from the town centre, visitors are welcome to admire the spring and soak in the idyllic atmosphere of the surrounding gardens!

Explore the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey.

Before it was considered ancient ruins, Glastonbury Abbey was a magnificent medieval church and a centre for pilgrimage. It was first built in the 8th century and lasted until King Henry VIII ordered its destruction. The abbey is still an impressive site where you can feel history pouring from its pillars. If you read up on the legends, it will also tell you that this is where King Arthur was allegedly buried!

Tour the medieval walls of Abbot’s Kitchen.

Despite orders of the destruction of Glastonbury Abbey, at least one piece of its structure remains intact – Abbot’s Kitchen. It’s the oldest medieval kitchen in England and even in Europe. Boasting unique architectural designs, the place gives you an idea of how the abbots lived during their time. If you’re wondering why the kitchen remained intact, it’s because it was used as a meeting house after the abbey was destroyed!

Relive a merchant’s life at the Glastonbury Tribunal.

Located at the heart of Glastonbury is The Tribunal, a 15th-century building with an interesting mix of history. Once served as a merchant’s house, the building is said to have been a school, shop, and convent. Some stories claim that it was also used to hold court proceedings. Despite its murky background, you can’t help but marvel at its designs. From Elizabethan windows to the Tudor Rose above its door, it’s truly a house with lots of stories to tell!

Visit the century-old George Hotel and Pilgrims’ Inn.

The Pilgrim’s Inn, also known as the George Hotel, is another 15th-century structure that still stands today in Glastonbury. Considered one of the oldest public houses in Somerset, the inn also served as accommodation for visiting pilgrims. Nowadays, the inn stands more as an architectural landmark with most of its main facade intact. While many people visit for the history, the place also gets lots of ghosthunters because the inn is allegedly haunted!

Enjoy the performing arts at Glastonbury Festival.

If you’re planning ahead, why not attend the Glastonbury Festival? This summer festival consists of a series of performances ranging from music to theatre and lasting for up to five days. Held annually since the 1970s, the program is headlined by many famous artists and captures the quintessential hippie vibe from its time. The Glastonbury Festival is considered an important event in English culture and must not be missed!

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