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Tucked away in the eastern border of England is the sprawling county of Norfolk. The region is dominated by its green landscapes, culminating in the historical city of Norwich. Tracing the county is its gorgeous coastline, an area applauded for its outstanding natural beauty. And deep within its woodlands is the extensive Norfolk Broads acting as a refreshing water break for adventurous holidaymakers. With history, nature, and the sea, it’s the perfect getaway for couples. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and bring your loved one on a memorable escape to Norfolk!

Norfolk Romantic Weekend Getaways With a Hot Tub

When it comes to romantic boltholes, Norfolk is full of dreamy accommodations where you can celebrate any relationship milestone. All properties in this featured collection are self-catering and equipped with all the essentials. The best part is that each home is uniquely located in stunning surroundings that maximise beauty and privacy. Whether you’re aching for woodland views or searching for lakeside scenes, there’s a haven for every couple. Bring your ultimate getaway to life with these homes set in the heart of Norfolk!

  • The Lookout
    The Lookout
    Lound near Hopton-On-Sea
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

  • The Lily PadDog Friendly
    The Lily Pad
    Thetford, Norfolk
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

  • Saltmarsh HutDog Friendly
    Saltmarsh Hut
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

  • Someplace Else
    Someplace Else
    Diss, Norfolk
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

  • The Little Oak
    The Little Oak
    Knapton near Trunch, Norfolk
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

  • Little Lodge
    Little Lodge
    Pentney near King’s Lynn, Norfolk
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

  • The Lodge At Heath Cottage
    The Lodge At Heath Cottage
    Dereham (6mls NE), Norfolk
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

  • The Hartley Hut
    The Hartley Hut
    Thompson, Norfolk
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

  • Crafter's Retreat
    Crafter’s Retreat
    Upwell, Norfolk
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

  • The Boat HouseDog Friendly
    The Boat House
    Ranworth, Norfolk
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

  • One Bedroom HomeDog Friendly
    One Bedroom Home
    Melton Constable, Norfolk
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

  • Creake PodDog Friendly
    Creake Pod
    South Creake, Norfolk
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1


Romantic Things To Do in Norfolk

With a county as massive as Norfolk, you’ll never run out of things to do. Couples who want to feel closer to home are free to explore Norwich’s historical spots and list of local attractions. If you and your partner are big fans of the coast, then you’ll love the sandy beaches decorating the borders of Wells-next-the-Sea. Meanwhile, adventurous hearts will find the thrill they’re seeking at Great Yarmouth’s ancient ruins and extensive rivers. For your upcoming romantic trip to Norfolk, here are the exciting tips that you shouldn’t miss out on:

Enjoy a romantic stroll along the Norwich Riverside Walk.

The Norwich Riverside Walk is an extremely popular spot among couples on romantic retreats. Located at the centre of Norwich, this circular route will take you along the banks of the beautiful River Wensum. Since the route is only two miles long, it’s the perfect activity for pairs looking for a quick tour of the city. In addition to the lovely and idyllic atmosphere, you’ll be treated to several historical tidbits as well. Keep an eye out for some historical relics including Norwich’s oldest bridge and a centuries-old artillery tower!

Spend an afternoon with your loved one at the Plantation Garden.

Another equally romantic location is Norwich’s famous Plantation Garden. Thanks to its stunning landscaped grounds, the three-acre restored garden is dubbed the “Secret Garden of Norwich.” The parkland is best known for its wide variety of flowering plants and picturesque foliage, especially during autumn. Couples often explore the garden hand in hand or pair their visits with delicious picnic hampers. When visiting, don’t forget to check out the park’s medieval-style walls, incredible fountain, and Victorian-style greenhouse!

Plan out an artsy date with a trip to The Forum.

The Forum is Norwich’s top heritage centre with the amenities of a museum and library all in one. The building itself stands out from the city’s archaic look due to its modern design, however, it’s still one of the best places to visit if you want to get to know the beating heart of Norwich. It’s also an excellent destination for spontaneous and artsy dates. Bring your loved one for a chance to watch some of the community’s street performances and contemporary exhibitions. The Forum is placed right next to the city’s best cafes and restaurants where you can grab a delicious bite later on!

Get lost in the cityscape through Norwich Lanes.

Any romantic trip to Norfolk won’t be complete without visiting the Norwich Lanes. Also known as “The Lanes,” this series of streets and alleyways is famous for housing the city’s top pubs, cafes, and restaurants. The area also contains several of Norwich’s museums and theatres which are top-notch locations for afternoon dates. Couples are free to explore the streets, go window-shopping, or buy souvenirs to remember their rural retreats. If you’ve got lots of time to spare, take your loved one on a day out in Norwich Lanes!

Take your partner on a dreamy date at the Norfolk Broads.

The Norfolk Broads is an extensive network of rivers located near the town of Great Yarmouth. Although considered a nature destination, the Broads are technically man-made due to the hundred years’ worth of dug peats. After continuous flooding, the waters now formed what is now known as the Norfolk Broads. The rivers are popular among families but also with holidaying couples. Aside from watersports activities, paired adventurers seek out the nearby woodlands for sights of local wildlife!

Relive medieval romance at the ruins of Baconsthorpe Castle.

For couples who love medieval romance, the ruins of Baconsthorpe Castle are the perfect place to live out the fantasy. Tucked away on the edges of Great Yarmouth, this 500-year-old site once boasted an enormous and grand manor. The house was home to a prominent family in Norfolk and was passed down through generations until its demise. Despite the tragic end, the site has an incredibly romantic feel where couples can have leisurely strolls along the manicured lawns. History buffs are also in for a treat with the castle’s educational tours!

Explore the countryside together along the Norfolk Coast.

The Norfolk Coast is an Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty found on the edges of Wells-next-the-Sea. For this reason, many couples love going on walks along designated routes or taking day-long trips to admire the seascape. You’ll enjoy the countless hours spent with your loved one as you soak in the magnificent scenery. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might be able to spot some grey seals along the way!

Cherish each other’s company at Holkham National Nature Reserve.

Couples who consider themselves wildlife explorers will have the time of their lives at the Holkham National Nature Reserve. Located just outside the town of Wells-next-the-Sea, the vast grounds are the ideal nature break from traditional seaside holidays. Bring your loved one into the wilderness and enjoy each other’s company as you listen to lovely birdsongs. Escape into the reserve’s various habitats as you and your partner trek across sand dunes and marshlands. The best part about this trip is that it’s extremely pet-friendly, so your furry third wheel can tag along!

Walk hand in hand on the sandy coastline in Holkham Beach.

Looking for a classic bucket-and-spade holiday? Holkham Beach is the perfect place for couples in need of some fun under the sun. The sandy beach is located right next to Wells’ main square, so it’s impossible to miss. Spend the afternoon lounging on the beachfront or taking a refreshing dip in the waters. If you don’t mind waiting, the beachfront is a dreamy venue for lovebirds thanks to its gorgeous sunsets!

Go out on a classic date and catch a show at Wells Maltings.

While you’re in town, you must visit Wells Maltings. Like The Forum in Norwich, this modern building acts as the town’s cultural hub. It’s highly recommended for couples who want to catch a quick show or take a short tour of modern art collections. It also has an onsite cafe and bar where you can take your partner for a tasty bite!

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