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Dreaming of your next weekend break? Make your dream a reality with this collection of luxurious cottages and cabins in the South West of England! From romantic hideaways to snug nature retreats, there are tons of accommodations to choose from.

The best part is each home is located within the best destinations in the country. Whether you’re holidaying on the sunny Cornish coast or the remote Isle of Wight, you’re guaranteed an extraordinary trip!

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Cornwall Hot Tub Cottages & Lodges

Cornwall Hot Tub Cottages & Lodges

Cornwall is a historic county occupying the southern tip of England. It’s also known as one of the top holiday destinations in the UK. The region is characterised by its continuous coastline, long stretch of beaches, and sunnier weather.

Cornwall is famous for its numerous seaside resorts and surfing spots as well. Some crowd favourites include the towns of Newquay, Bude, and St. Ives. If you’re looking for a classic seaside holiday, then Cornwall is the right pick.

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Devon Hot Tub Cottages & Lodges

Devon Hot Tub Cottages & Lodges

Devon, also referred to as Devonshire, is the fourth biggest county in England. It’s close neighbours with Cornwall and shares most of its sprawling grounds and coastline. Devon has two major cities, Plymouth and Exeter.

The latter is located inland and is notable for its incredibly rich history and unique architecture. On the other hand, the former embraces the English Channel with its natural harbour and bustling nightlife. Devon is also home to the largest open space in the UK, Dartmoor National Park.

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Kent Hot Tub Cottages & Lodges

Kent Hot Tub Cottages & Lodges

Kent is a home county located in the South East of England. With only an hour away from Greater London, the county is a favourite holiday choice for day trippers or weekend breaks. Kent is defined by its three most populous towns, Canterbury, Maidstone, and Whitstable.

Canterbury is the county’s only city and is an iconic tourist destination. Meanwhile, the market town of Maidstone is famous for its fertile valleys and beautiful outdoor parks. And when you’re craving a taste of the sea, the coastal town of Whitstable is within easy access from the capitol.

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Sussex Hot Tub Cottages & Lodges

Sussex Hot Tub Cottages & Lodges

Sussex is another historic county situated on the southern fringes of England. It’s best known for its two top places: the city of Brighton and the historical town of Hastings. Although it’s technically a seaside resort, Hastings also has its fair share of rolling hills and heritage sites.

The town is especially notable for being the location of the Battle of Hastings. By comparison, the city of Brighton paints a picture of a typical beachside break. The city is celebrated through its beach, pier, and diverse culture and cuisine.
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Isle of Wight Hot Tub Cottages & Lodges

Isle of Wight Hot Tub Cottages & Lodges

The Isle of Wight is England’s biggest island located off the southern coast in the English Channel. The island is described as having a rugged coastline, expansive valleys, and multiple harbour towns.

With its picturesque landscape, it’s no surprise that the Isle of Wight is an extremely popular getaway destination. Some of the best places to stay include Cowes, Newport, and Ryde. When you want to get away from it all, the Isle of Wight is the place to be.

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  • Romantic Weekend Breaks

    Romantic Weekend Breaks

    Nothing sounds more dreamy than spending your weekend in a charming cottage without a care for the world.

    Each lodging also has an exclusive hot tub set against the beautiful countryside, ensuring romantic evenings for you and your better half.

  • Dog & Pet Friendly Cottages

    Dog & Pet Friendly Cottages

    Pet-friendly properties typically come with extra amenities, ensuring that your pooch feels right at home. From cosy lounge areas to enclosed yards, there’s lots of room for your pet to explore and relax.

    Bring your best friend on a once-in-a-lifetime trip!

  • Beach & Sea View Holidays

    Sea View & Beach Cottages

    With the UK’s stunning coastline, it would almost be a sin not to get a cottage with amazing seaside views. These homes are often located right next to the coast or just a stone’s throw away from local shorelines.

    When staying in a coastal cottage, expect floor-to-ceiling windows, wide open decks, and private balconies with front-row seats to the UK’s coastline.

  • Last Minute Cottages

    Last Minute Cottages

    Forgot to book your upcoming stay? Need a bigger lodge? Or you had a change of plans? No worries, these flexible accommodations have got your back.

    If spontaneity is your best friend, then these last-minute cottages are the perfect pick for you!

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