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Dubbed the “Pearl of Dorset,” Lyme Regis is more than just a quaint seaside town. Sitting on the border between counties, the town has a long and colourful lore dating back several centuries. Its unique location along the Jurassic Coast has also fuelled extraordinary historical innovation. Add in its beaches and seaside vibes, and you’ll have the perfect recipe for a memorable holiday. Despite its size, Lyme Regis is not to be underestimated. Its thriving fossil community alone makes it a must-visit along the southern coast!

Lyme Regis Hot Tub Accommodation: Holiday Cottages & Luxury Lodges

As a traditional seaside resort, Lyme Regis presents a wonderful array of holiday cottages and lodges. These luxurious properties are equipped with the essentials so that you feel right at home. Aside from extra amenities and perks, each home also boasts spectacular views of the countryside. Whether you’re travelling solo or holidaying with the family, you’ll find the perfect dwelling within this selection. Explore the prehistoric coast and retreat to one of the best homes Lyme Regis has to offer!

  • Pound Cottage
    Pound Cottage
    Uplyme, Devon
    Sleeps 5 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1

    Located at the heart of Uplyme village. Sunny patio perfect for social gatherings and family outings. Guests have direct access to park areas.

  • The Barn
    The Barn
    Southleigh, near Beer, Devon
    Sleeps 14 Bedrooms 6 Bathrooms 6

    Detached barn with open-plan living and kitchen areas. Private paddock for games and children’s play area. Additional holiday activities available by prior arrangement.

  • Court House Farmhouse
    Court House Farmhouse
    Charmouth, Dorset
    Sleeps 11 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 3

    Beautiful farmhouse for multigenerational stays. Extras include conservatory and large games room. Enclosed yard with picnic benches and country scenery.

  • The Skilling
    The Skilling
    Bridport, Dorset
    Sleeps 14 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 4

    Spacious holiday home set in tranquil property. Large veranda with conservatory and styled gardens. Balconies offer stunning far-reaching views of nearby coastal town.

  • Dorset Thatch
    Dorset Thatch
    Bridport (1.5mls NW), Dorset
    Sleeps 6 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 3

    Charming cottage boasting original thatched roof. Property includes garden and terrace for group gatherings. Near cafes, galleries, and shops.

  • Dorset Hollow
    Dorset Hollow
    Bridport (1.5mls NW), Dorset
    Sleeps 7 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 2

    Country home surrounded by lush grasslands. Landscaped lawns with decked patio and trampoline. Walking distance to market village of Bridport.

  • Quarr Lane Farm
    Quarr Lane Farm
    Bridport (2mls W), Dorset
    Sleeps 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2

    Holiday property situated on sloping hills. Vast yard for four-legged guests. Spacious patio fit for al fresco dining with panoramic views.

  • Peckmoor Farm Lodges
    Peckmoor Farm Lodges
    Misterton, South Somerset
    Sleeps 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2

    Nestled within the rolling hills of Miserton. Wooden lodge with cozy fireplace, and sun-trapped porch. Only miles away from exciting local attractions.

  • Cottage in Mid and East Devon
    Cottage in Mid and East Devon
    Axminster, East Devon
    Sleeps 6 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2

    Stone cottage located on working farm. Property includes original features and pet-friendly lawns. Spacious gardens with gazebo hot tub.


About Lyme Regis & The Area

Lyme Regis is a coastal town located on the border between Dorset and Devon. Like many towns along the southern coastline, it also faces the English Channel with close proximity to Lyme Bay. The town itself is built around the River Lim which opens up to the vast ocean. However, the most notable features of the town are its beaches and cliffs consisting of layers made up of limestone and shale.

The first known documentation of Lyme Regis can be traced back to 1086 in the Domesday Book. Although the town remains quiet for the most part of history, it’s not without its local lore. In 1644, it was the site for an eight-week siege during the English Civil War. And in 1915, the town retrieved bodies from the HMS Formidable, with one story recalling how a dog licked one of the soldiers’ faces and brought him back to life.

However, what Lyme Regis is best known for is its ancient fossils. In fact, the town is considered to be the birthplace of palaeontology. It all started with the work of a geological pioneer, Mary Anning, who discovered and identified fossils along the town’s coastline and cliffsides. One of her significant finds was the Blue Lias, an ancient rock formation filled with completely preserved specimens of reptiles, including one of the first armoured dinosaurs.

Lyme Regis is still a fossil hotspot today, attracting numerous explorers every year. The town holds an annual fossil festival celebrating Mary Anning’s life and works. Aside from its geographical attractions, Lyme Regis also has the best views of the coast, making it one of the prettiest seaside towns in southern England!

Things To Do On Your Lyme Regis Hot Tub Break

Lyme Regis has plenty of attractions to offer for curious adventurers. If you’re visiting for the first time, it’s highly recommended to start your tour from the town’s harbour. Seasoned holidaymakers will also know the best spots for fossil hunting along the area’s many beaches. And for those craving a slice of history, Lyme Regis has landmarks and museums scattered across its main square. For your upcoming holiday agenda, check out these stunning locations in Lyme Regis:

Explore the coastline through The Cobb.

The Cobb is a man-made seawall protecting the harbour of Lyme Regis. It’s also one of the town’s most historical landmarks. Dating back to medieval times, the Cobb has a curving structure stretching 870 feet into the sea. Visitors are welcome to stroll on the snaking pathway and marvel at the gorgeous views. And in case you didn’t know, the Cobb was mentioned in Jane Austen’s novel, Persuasion. It was also the filming location for the 1981 film, The French Lieutenant’s Woman, starring Meryl Streep!

Learn about the town’s heritage at the Lyme Regis Museum.

If you want to learn more about the town’s ties with fossil history, make sure to visit the Lyme Regis Museum! The building itself is worth a visit with its grand Victorian architecture, plus it was also the birthplace of Mary Anning, one of the pioneers of palaeontology. The museum holds multiple exhibitions presenting the ancient history of the Jurassic Coast and two of its famous holidaymakers, Jane Austen and John Fowles. You can also view exquisite displays of fossil artworks right on the museum’s pavement!

Experience ancient history at Dinosaurland.

A stone’s throw away from the museum is Dinosaurland. This museum is set in an age-old church and was first opened in the 1980s as a place for learning about these extinct animals. When you enter the museum, you’ll find many dinosaur models, fossils, and exhibits from the Jurassic period. All of these displays were also made possible thanks to Anning’s discoveries. Aside from regular exhibitions, the museum also holds tours for fossil hunting on the town’s beaches!

Go fossil hunting at Monmouth Beach.

Monmouth Beach is a mile-long shingle beach located near the harbour of Lyme Regis. In addition to being an idyllic beach spot, it’s also known for being a goldmine for fossils. The cliffs surrounding the beach are around 200 million years old, so you can just imagine the ancient mementoes washed up on the shore. From beautifully curved ammonites to incredible squid fossils, there’s plenty to discover on Monmouth. If you’re lucky, you may even find some remains from an Ichthyosaur which is an extinct marine reptile!

Have fun sunbathing at Lyme Regis Beach.

If you’re looking for a quiet day on the sand, head over to Lyme Regis Beach. Located at the heart of the town, the beach is easily accessible by vehicles. There are also two designated areas, Front Beach and Sandy Beach. The latter is farther away from the harbour with sand dunes, shallow waters, and quieter spaces, all of which are perfect conditions for family holidays. Meanwhile, the former has more shingle than sand but is an excellent spot for sunbathers and is placed right next to lines of cafes, restaurants, and shops!

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