Ilfracombe & Woolacombe Holiday Cottages & Lodges With Hot Tubs

Located on the northern coast of Devon are two neighbouring seaside towns – Ilfracombe and Woolacombe. Both towns are highly renowned holiday resorts featuring golden beaches and breathtaking views. But they also have their own charms and characters. From Ilfracombe’s postcard harbour to Woolacombe’s award-winning bay, there are countless reasons to visit these coasts again and again!

Ilfracombe & Woolacombe Hot Tub Breaks: Luxury Holiday Cottages & Lodges

Although Ilfracombe has a higher population density than Woolacombe, the numbers quickly rise during peak season. Thousands of holidaymakers venture out to see the coast and soak in the summer sun. Fortunately, these seaside resorts have plenty of space to spare. When it comes to lodging, these cottages and apartments boast luxurious interiors and hot tubs. Check out these holiday lodges and choose your next home from home!

  • Valley View
    Valley View
    Ilfracombe, Devon
    Sleeps 10 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 3

    Three-storey country home perfect for big families or groups. Amenities include game room and football area. Extensive garden with pond.

  • The Albatross
    The Albatross
    Woolacombe, North Devon
    Sleeps 10 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 2

    Detached holiday home overlooking Woolacombe Beach. Features sauna, game room, and small library. Extra storage for bikes and surfboards.

  • The Farthings
    The Farthings
    Polperro, North Devon
    Sleeps 8 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 3

    Modern lodging located at Ilfracombe centre. Sunny decked area with gorgeous seaside view. Less than a mile away from beaches and shops.

  • Apartment in North Devon
    Apartment in North Devon
    Woolacombe, North Devon
    Sleeps 6 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2

    Luxury apartment with modern essentials. Furnished deck for al fresco dining. Beautiful glimpses of the coast.

  • Bungalow in North Devon
    Bungalow in North Devon
    Woolacombe, North Devon
    Sleeps 6 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1

    Charming cottage with generous balcony and garden. Offers stunning view of coastline. Close to Croyde and Saunton Sands.

  • Apartment in North Devon
    Apartment in North Devon
    Woolacombe, North Devon
    Sleeps 6 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2

    Cosy apartment with marine life decor. Panoramic sights from the kitchen. Walking distance to Woolacombe Beach.

  • House in North Devon
    House in North Devon
    Ilfracombe, North Devon
    Sleeps 6 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2

    Located at the heart of Ilfracombe. Near 17th-century thatched pub. First-floor balcony overlooking wonderful seascape.

  • Croyde Retreat
    Croyde Retreat
    Woolacombe (3mls E), Devon
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

    Holiday lodge boasting sleek interiors. Underfloor heating for all seasons. Perfect choice for couples on romantic retreats.

  • The Roost
    The Roost
    Ilfracombe, Devon
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

    Idyllic cabin surrounded by woodlands. Wide deck for delicious quick breakfasts. Stunning far-reaching views of the valley.


About Ilfracombe and Woolacombe

Ilfracombe and Woolacombe are fishing towns sharing the same northern coastline. While both coasts have hilly terrains and dramatic cliffsides, each town has its own unique culture and features. Here’s a closer look at the differences between these holiday resorts and how you can make the most out of your summer getaway:


Ilfracombe is located on the upper part of the coast in North Devon. Bordered on either side by Hele Bay and Lee Bay, the town is dominated by steep hills and rugged cliffs. The village also boasts a beautiful harbour with the Hillsborough Hill taking up the most space as a geographical landmark. Due to the town’s natural inlet, Ilfracombe is considered one of the safest ports on the Bristol Channel.

Despite being a relatively small town, Ilfracombe attracted many artists and writers over the years with its scenic coast and pleasant climate. In 1817, English novelist, Frances Burney, spent an entire year in town and documented 19th-century life in the village in her diary entries. This was a good four years before the locals even built the town’s famous hand-carved tunnels!

In present times, Ilfracombe largely remains a seaside resort with a strong artistic community. Aside from Damien Hirst’s iconic “Verity” statue, the town has several art galleries representing local artists. It’s also big on celebrating its heritage. Included in its six annual festivals are the week-long Victorian celebration and the May Day celebrations. This combination of art and history makes Ilfracombe a fantastic holiday location along the northern coast.


Woolacombe is located on the lower part of the coastline near the town of Mortehoe. Its main beach is parallel to the centre of town and is bordered by Morte Point on the north and Baggy Point on the south. Similar to other seaside towns, Woolacombe also has its fair share of hills and coasts but with flatter valleys and sloping sand dunes. Thanks to the Atlantic Ocean, its beaches receive consistent waves which are ideal for surfing.

Compared to other towns, Woolacombe is a significantly rural location with a population barely reaching a thousand. For comparison, the neighbouring town of Ilfracombe has at least 10,000 residents in its area. Luckily, this fact serves more as an attractive feature rather than a disadvantage. Many visitors specifically choose Woolacombe for its unspoilt region and idyllic lifestyle.

Woolacombe has always been a holiday resort. Aside from being a favourite surfing spot, the town is also known for its widely acclaimed beaches and coastlines. The famous South West Coast Path runs through the village as well, connecting the two opposite points of the region. And across Woolacombe Bay sits the remote Lundy Island – another holiday escape for the extremely adventurous.

Things To Do On Your Ilfracombe and Woolacombe Hot Tub Break

Between Ilfracombe and Woolacombe, there are lots of local attractions to fill up your holidays. If you’re in need of an inspiring artistic retreat, then Ilfracombe is your pick. But if you’re feeling bold and want to take on the surf and sun, you’ll find your answer in Woolacombe. Visiting for the first time? No problem! Here’s a list of the ultimate spots to check out the next time you’re in the area:

Admire the views from Ilfracombe Harbour.

Ilfracombe Harbour is the biggest harbour along Devon’s northern coast, thus making the adjacent village a busy hub for fishing boats. Aside from its picturesque line of townhouses, the majestic hill of Hillsborough also adds to the location’s natural beauty. It also boasts Britain’s oldest lighthouse which sits on top of Lantern Hill. The harbour is a fantastic spot for admiring the quay. Bring a notebook and sketch the sights or just sit back and relax at one of the many cafes lining the shore.

Visit the gorgeous geography of Tunnels Beaches.

Another one of Ilfracombe’s gorgeous attractions is the Tunnels Beaches. These wild tidal pools were favoured bathing spots for the Victorians, so much so that they hand-carved four tunnels leading to the pools. Once you reach the opposite end, prepare to be greeted by crystal blue waters and dramatic cliffsides. The tunnels officially opened in the 1820s and still remain today as one of the most popular wedding destinations.

Catch a show at the Landmark Theatre.

Resting next to Ilfracombe’s harbour is the Landmark Theatre. Built in the 1980s to replace The Pavilion Theatre, the theatre is known for its musical shows and controversial architecture. Instead of following the traditional design to match the town, the Landmark consists of two cone-shaped buildings, leading to the cheeky nickname of “Madonna’s Bra.” The theatre itself is worth a visit, if not for the show then for its interesting choice of design!

Satisfy your curiosity at the Ilfracombe Museum.

Situated in an old laundry section of a local hotel, the Ilfracombe Museum is just as eccentric as its location. The museum only has eight rooms but has a mix of interesting exhibitions. From glimpses of the town’s history to its collection of preserved wildlife, touring the galleries is truly a trip back in time. You can visit the museum at any time and bring your friends and family along!

Appreciate medieval history in Holy Trinity Church.

If you’re a big fan of history, then you must visit the Holy Trinity Church in Ilfracombe. Dating back to the 14th century, the church is a fine example of the town’s strong medieval roots. A quick visit to the church will introduce you to its Norman baptismal font which can be traced to 1160. Another interesting artefact is the Elizabethan pulpit. But the church’s crown jewel is definitely the 15th-century ceiling with its beautifully painted arches!

Soak up the sun at Woolacombe Beach.

On the other side of the coast, you’ll find the award-winning Woolacombe Beach. This strip of golden sand reaches up to three miles long and makes up most of the town’s coastline. It’s best known for its vast sand dunes and consistent swells. While surfers tend to occupy the waves, most families prefer staying on the beach and enjoying a traditional seaside holiday. Well-behaved pets are also welcome on Woolacombe’s shores, so feel free to bring your dogs!

Check out the infamous shipwreck site – Morte Point.

Just north of Woolacombe Beach is the infamous Morte Point. Its name literally translates to “death point” or “devil’s teeth” because of its sharp rocks and rugged cliffs. The site is also notorious for being a shipwreck zone throughout the years. Even as far back as the 1800s, there have been records of unfortunate ships meeting their fates. Thankfully, it’s rarely the case nowadays. Instead, Morte Point is part of the South West Coast Path where you can safely view the razor-sharp rocks from the established trail.

Stretch your legs and walk to Baggy Point.

Located on the opposite side of Morte Point, Baggy Point is considerably safer and more family-friendly. The headland also connects with the South West Coast Path, so you can take an afternoon exploring the entire coast of Woolacombe. When you reach Baggy Point, you’ll be able to admire the coastline and its spacious meadows. It’s a great location for picnics, romantic dates, or enjoying stunning sunsets!

Learn more about local history at the Mortehoe Museum.

Mortehoe Museum is a locally founded museum that was first established in 1996. Combining the rich heritage of Mortehoe and Woolacombe, the museum presents an interesting timeline of maritime and railway histories. When you visit, you’ll also get a chance to pop into the museum’s gift shop where you can buy books, maps, and other mementoes. Although it closes during the winter season, guests are more than welcome to visit during the summer!

Go on a trip to the remote Lundy Island.

Off the coast of Woolacombe is the mystical Lundy Island. Hidden away from the rest of the world, Lundy is the ultimate escape for adventurous visitors. The island itself is only three miles long and accessible through Woolacombe’s harbour. Once you arrive, you’ll definitely appreciate its secluded and unspoilt location. Spend your days camping or hanging out by the beach as you face the vast Bristol Channel!

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