Dartmoor Log Cabins & Cottages With Hot Tubs

Dartmoor National Park, simply known as Dartmoor, is one of the largest open spaces occupying the heart of southwest England. From broad moorlands to patches of woodlands, the region is filled with stunning landscapes. When you add in its slow-paced lifestyle and natural attractions, this national park becomes a magnet for holidaymakers and glampers alike. So what are you waiting for? Leave the hassle of the city and escape to Dartmoor’s magical surroundings!

Dartmoor Glamping Pods & Log Cabins With Hot Tubs

Dartmoor’s natural backdrops easily make it one of the most popular camping destinations. In fact, it’s one of the few places in England where you can go wild camping. But for visitors who want extra comfort, there are plenty of glamping options. True to their name, these glamping pods are a mixture of luxury lodges and backpack camping. Surround yourself with nature and experience a glamorous rural retreat with Dartmoor’s very best!

  • Fox Den
    Fox Den
    Totnes (6mls W), Devon
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

    Fox-themed lodge for nature lovers. Situated within expansive rural setting. Patio includes lovely breakfast bench.

  • Dartmoor River Retreat
    Dartmoor River Retreat
    Totnes (6mls W), Devon
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

    Located in Devon countryside. Glamping pod with modern furnishings. Amenities include sauna and wood-fired hot tub.

  • Bench Tor
    Bench Tor
    Holne, Dartmoor
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

    Dainty shepherd’s hut with private lawned area. Outdoor seating for breakfasts and BBQ. Glimpses of rolling hills.

  • Rambler's Retreat
    Rambler’s Retreat
    Dartmoor, Devon
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

    Intimate cabin with bunk beds and fenced lawn. Open-air fire pit for small groups. Surrounded by idyllic woodland.

  • Potting Shed
    Potting Shed
    Okehampton, Dartmoor
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

    Eclectic lodge with handcrafted interiors. Features sunken hot tub and wheelbarrow bench. Secluded location for romantic getaways.

  • Kingfisher Lake Lodge
    Kingfisher Lake Lodge
    Totnes (5.5mls W), Devon
    Sleeps 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1

    Holiday lodge with lakeside views. Exclusive access for fishing and walking trails. Eco-friendly and off-grid property.


Dartmoor Holiday Cottages with Hot Tubs

Although Dartmoor is famously known as a nature reserve, it has its fair share of quaint villages sprinkled along its beautiful countryside. Holidaymakers who want a mix of the bustling town and secluded pad will find their haven in Dartmoor’s holiday cottages. Each property pays homage to classic homes and features landscaped gardens. If you need to resupply, the town is only a short distance away. Live out your country dreams within the idyllic lifestyle of Dartmoor!

  • Whincroft
    Mary Tavy, Devon
    Sleeps 7 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 2

    Classic country home with charming interiors. Landscaped lawn and garden with patio furniture. Pet-friendly property.

  • Lily Pad
    Lily Pad
    Okehampton, Devon
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

    Quirky lodging with Victorian interiors and artistic murals. Beautiful gardens and woodland canopy. One bedroom has private patio area.

  • Houndbeare Barn
    Houndbeare Barn
    Teign Valley, Devon
    Sleeps 6 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2

    Quirky lodging with Victorian interiors and artistic murals. Beautiful gardens and woodland canopy. One bedroom has private patio area.

  • Bluebells Cottage At Greatrock Farm
    Bluebells Cottage At Greatrock Farm
    Bovey Tracey (3mls NE), Dartmoor
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

    Holiday cottage with pastel furnishings. Multi-level porch facing garden and outdoor area. Extras include dedicated game room with pool table.

  • The Brick Barn
    The Brick Barn
    Dartmoor National Park, Devon
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

    Contemporary country-style barn fit for couples. Open-plan living and kitchen areas. Bedroom features vaulted ceiling and exposed beams.

  • The Old Mill - Annexe
    The Old Mill – Annexe
    Dartmoor, Devon
    Sleeps 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1

    Renovated annexe perfect for dreamy retreats. Well-trimmed lawn amidst rural setting. Includes direct access to national park and country pursuits.


Best Spots To Visit On Your Dartmoor Hot Tub Break

Dartmoor spans thousands of acres, so how do you even know where to start? Luckily, this handy guide has got you covered. From hiking trails to neigbouring villages, you’ll see a new side to this exquisite nature park that you’ve never seen before. So pack some sunscreen and don’t forget your camera because this year’s summer holiday will take you across the thriving wilderness that is Dartmoor National Park!

Explore the ruins of Hound Tor.

Dartmoor alone has at least 160 tors, which are weathered outcrops, but none is as famous as Hound Tor. Located a thousand feet above ground level, Hound Tor is the highest point of Dartmoor. Visitors are welcome to hike up the public trails leading to this magnificent rock formation. After you reach the summit, feel free to explore the ruins of an abandoned medieval village, whose original inhabitants’ whereabouts remain unknown!

Hike the trails of Lydford Gorge.

Lydford Gorge is another record-breaking attraction found on the edges of Dartmoor. Due to years of weathering and climate change, the River Lyd has managed to create the deepest gorge in England. The gorge itself is worth a visit with its moss-covered woods and thriving wildlife. But most people join the trek to see the beautiful Whitelady Waterfall. The gorge is also pet-friendly as long as you keep your furry friend on a lead!

Experience the mystical Wistmans Wood.

Wistmans Wood is perhaps one of the most mystical places in Dartmoor. This specific woodland is located within the valley of West Dart River and is believed to be leftovers of the ancient woodlands that once shrouded the national park. The location is best known for its twisting oakwoods and mossy granite boulders, giving a truly eerie vibe. If you’re feeling brave, don’t forget to venture out to this area in Dartmoor!

Visit the pretty village of Lustleigh.

Nestled within the upper region of Dartmoor is the medieval village of Lustleigh. Dubbed the prettiest village in Dartmoor, Lustleigh definitely holds up to its title. What the village lacks in size, it makes up with its character and history. As you tour the main square, you’ll see many charming thatched cottages and vintage shops. There’s also an age-old church that can be traced back to the 13th century. And if you’re craving the outdoors, the village is set against the beautiful Pullabrook Woods where tourists can enjoy the many naturally decorated trails!

Travel back in time to Okehampton.

Okehampton is another must-visit village situated on the northern border of Dartmoor. Despite being a modern market hamlet, the town still has many of its traditional exteriors. It’s also known for being a tourist-friendly location with visitors preferring to explore the inner village on foot. If you prefer being on wheels, the Granite Way is a popular cycling trail where you can explore the area. History buffs will also love the town’s heritage sites including a Victorian arcade and the second-oldest Norman castle in Devon!

Stop by Widecombe-in-the-Moor.

Located just several miles from Lustleigh is the village of Widecombe-in-the-Moor, which means “Willow Valley.” The village only has over a hundred households which are considerably small, but the place packs a ton of stories revolving around the paranormal. Although most of the accounts have been debunked, you can’t deny its interesting lore! One theory claims that Widecombe’s haunting originated from the Great Thunderstorm incident of 1638 when a ball lighting struck the church during service. If you fancy a long drive to the countryside with a slice of the occult, then this is the place to be!

Hear the tale of Bowerman’s Nose.

Bowerman’s Nose is a tor found in Dartmoor that’s not only famous for its rock formation but also for the incredible folklore surrounding it. Stacked up to 20 feet high, Bowerman’s Nose has been mentioned in many poems and stories. When you visit the tor, you’ll see a tower of rocks that looks like a side profile of a man and a clatter of boulders around it. According to the legend, Bowerman was a huntsman who lived in Dartmoor. During one of his hunts, he was chasing a hare with his dogs when he interrupted a coven of witches. To punish him, the witches turned Bowernman and his dogs into stone! The story is truly full of colour and only adds to an already fascinating site!

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